Single-hole membrane Aerator


product description:
QMZM-25 Single-hole membrane Aerator made of ABS material made of upper and lower pipe clamps and matching rubber diaphragm combination of new gas supply oxygen device. In the aeration biofilter process, the single-hole membrane Aerator satisfies the sufficient and stable oxygen required to transport the high velocity air to the filter layer to meet the metabolic properties of the microorganisms on the filter. The entire filter inside the uniform gas, gas stability to improve the system's organic load requirements.

Unique upper and lower pipe clamps connected to the way, the maximum convenience of the installation work, a single Aerator does not need to cut off the gas pipeline to achieve free disassembly. The overall structure of the design firm, to avoid the damage during the handling process. There is no unevenness in the airflow outlet of the upper pipe clamp, which avoids the influence of the accumulated filter layer on the diaphragm.

Technical Parameters:

Specifications Model
Design ventilation
Oxygen utilization
Loss of resistance
Installation density
Installation height
Diaphragm material
0.3m3 / h
25% (4m depth)
> 40 / m2
EPDM / silica gel

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