Adjustable bracket


ABS adjustable tube bracket has three parts made of ABS fixed base, ABS thread lift tube, nylon cable ties. The lower part of the expansion of the bolt through the adjustable tube bracket fixed to the bottom of the aeration tank, the upper part of the tower through the nylon fixed aeration tube, the height can be freely adjusted by ABS screw lift tube.
The main purpose of the product: mainly used for aeration pipe and pipeline level adjustment, is Aerator and aeration pipe installation commonly used, standardized accessories.
The main features of the product: easy to install, the use of reliable, large adjustment range; ABS material high strength, decay resistance.
Product specifications: DN25, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100Specifications optional (special specifications scheduled production).
DN150, DN200 stainless steel bracket (special specifications scheduled production)

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